Tradesman - Carpentry with desire to make commercial construction your future! On the job Training provided.

Philippi Quality Construction Inc
Job Description
*Ongoing Employee Trade Education
*Vacation/PTO/holiday pay
*Use of Company Vehicles on the job
*Compensation up to $24/hour 

Experienced Carpenter

The expectation would be to have a range of knowledge and experience in the areas of concrete and trim carpentry with other traits and skills as described below.

Employee should:

  • Have a general knowledge of plan reading as well as a basic understanding of specification interpretation.
  • Have knowledge of site work and site lay-out.
  • Have a general knowledge of project sequencing and scheduling.
  • Have knowledge and experience in concrete forming and placing of footings, walls, slabs, and miscellaneous other concrete structures.
  • Have knowledge and experience in trim carpentry functions such as hanging cabinets and doors, setting door frames, installing door hardware and wood trim, and installing toilet accessories and other building equipment installations.
  • Have knowledge of steel stud framing, wood stud framing and lay-out.
  • Have knowledge of hanging and finishing sheetrock.
  • Have knowledge of fire wall systems and fire stopping systems.
  • Be courteous and wear appropriate attire.
  • Be committed to working in a team environment. They should be self motivated and able to take on new tasks especially without need of direct and continuous supervision.
  • Be a self starter, enthusiastic, and willing to give constructive input as well as being able to accept it.
  • Be prepared to work with their own minimal amount of hand tools.
  • Have a working knowledge of safe working procedures. Employee will be required to participate in periodic safety training classes as well as abide by all company safety policies.
  • Be willing to expand their knowledge base into other trades via Supervisor provided training
  • Must adhere to safety protocol and work in a drug-free environment.
*Ongoing Employee Trade Education
*Vacation/PTO/holiday pay
*Use of Company Vehicles on the job
*Compensation up to $24/hour 

Wage is negotiated as part of the hiring process and is based on relevant experience.

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