Fire Service Training Faculty

Lakeshore Technical College
Job Description
Job Title: Fire Service Training Part-Time Faculty
Reports To: Dean of Public Safety
Location: Lakeshore Technical College – Cleveland, Wisconsin
Salary Expectation: Per Part-Time Faculty Salary Schedule

Employment and Work Schedule: Flexible day/evening/weekend hours based upon needs of the college

NOTE: Part-time faculty positions are for specific classes only and do not imply any availability of full-time employment.

Responsible for providing instruction to students in accordance with the mission of the college.

Job Description
• Teach units of instruction to students in post secondary course, adult and continuing education courses, or an economic development activity by meeting classes assigned.
• Facilitate learning based on the competencies and performance levels specified for the courses.
• Respond to student questions and assess the level of student learning.
• Maintain accurate attendance and scholastic records of students.
• Participate in the college's student feedback process.
• Submit required reports.
• Plan instruction that incorporates a variety of learning styles to enable students to achieve course outcome by using course text, outlines, syllabi, and other course materials in accordance with college and division guidelines.
• Maintain classroom/laboratory/shop environment emphasizing good housekeeping, equipment security, and safety.
• Communicate with students, the college, division, and team members, and meet response deadlines as required.
• Provide 5 Star Service to all customers.

• Two years of recent volunteer or career firefighting experience required.
• WTCS Certified Fire Instructor Level I or higher required.
• WTCS Entry Level of Certified Fire Apparatus Driver Operator Pumper required.
• Previous teaching or department training experience desired.
• Experience with computer assisted instruction and software.
• Working knowledge of PC software in a windows environment.
• Experience desired in delivering instruction by alternative methods such as instructional television or online.
• Possess excellent classroom delivery skills, which encourage success and participation on the part of students.
• Must be innovative and able to collaborate with other staff for developing curriculum for classroom instruction.
• Must be well motivated and have a strong interest in contributing to the success of the college.
• Positive human relations and effective written and oral communication skills essential.
• Exemplify college values in all staff and student interactions, as well as services delivered.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships and relate successfully with staff, students, and citizens of diverse cultural, social or educational backgrounds.

**Fluent, bilingual individual is desirable.

*Note: Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee an interview for a position.

Condition of Employment
• Employment conditional on completion of a Background Information Disclosure (BID) and the results acceptable to the College.

Recruitment Period
Beginning:Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Closing: Until position is filled

Online Application Process
The LTC online employment application must be completed in its entirety to be considered for a position at Lakeshore Technical College.  To access the online application, visit, navigate to ‘Just for You’ and click on ‘Job Seekers’, choose ‘View Employment Opportunities’ to create an account login and to apply for the position. For additional assistance, please contact Human Resources.
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