Associate Financial Advisor

Raddatz & Associates, Ameriprise Financial
Job Description
Job description
Description of perfect AFA candidate:
The perfect AFA candidate is committed to providing a unique level of service to their clients, desires to be part of a team focused on growth and intends on establishing a career with the Ameriprise Financial franchise of Raddatz & Associates. We expect the candidate will demonstrate the highest level of integrity at all times and always deliver on promises made to clients. The candidate should be self-motivated, truly interested in growing their practice and expanding their industry expertise.  
Job Description: Financial Advisor
•Appropriate for external advisors interested in succession planning opportunities, and for producers looking to leverage the infrastructure of an existing Platinum Advisory practice
•Employed by Nathan Raddatz; negotiated benefits
•Compensation structure based on candidate experience
•Leverage existing staff, tools and systems  
Why Affiliate with Ameriprise Financial and Raddatz & Associates:
 Systems, Tools and Resources 
As a financial advisor at Ameriprise, you will have access to a robust suite of practice management resources, including corporate alliances and partnerships and a wide array of specialists to help grow your business.
Both Franchise advisors and financial advisors of Raddatz & Associates have access to our internal systems and staff. Collectively, we maintain an efficient practice management system that’s comprised of one full time staff member.  
Mentorship from Top Ameriprise Financial Advisor Nathan Raddatz
 Will have the opportunity to leverage the experience and knowledge of a team of top Ameriprise financial advisors. Nathan and his team take an active roll in the growth and development of your practice, providing insight around financial planning strategy, client acquisition techniques, and practice management.
Nathan Raddatz Investment Philosophy
With more than 22 years of experience helping clients manage their wealth and reach their financial goals we’ve learned a thing or two. We absolutely believe the following seven steps must be taken for a client to be successful:
Primary Steps:
1. Goals are important
2. A flexible plan is essential to help them stay on track
3. Their wealth must be properly allocated towards their goal
4. Protection of their assets is necessary
5. Legal documents must be kept current
6. Regular reviews and revisions are critical
7. Strong relationships are built over time  
  Profile of Office  
Name of advisor:   Nathan Raddatz, CFP®, APMA®, CRPC ®
Advisor Status:   Platinum Advisor
  Raddatz & Associates
  Platinum financial services practice of
  Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
Years in industry:   22
Production Level for 2015:    $1.650,000
Number of Current Clients:   600
Number of Full time support staff: 4
Will advisor be sharing some of their current client base with the AFA?: Yes
Is the office space ready to move into?: Yes
Raddatz & Associates
Nathan offers a turnkey system that supports the growth and success of those affiliated with our practice. This includes systems and staff that have consistently made us a top performing Ameriprise Financial practice.
•Nathan Raddatz, began his career as a financial advisor in 1994. His practice has matured into one the top performing Ameriprise Financial franchises in the nation.
•We are a Platinum Advisory practice which means we have special branding opportunities other advisors do not have. Plus we have access to some of the best tools and resources that Ameriprise Financial has to offer.
•Our practice has an outstanding group of people including 2 licensed staff and 2 unlicensed staff
•Advisor designations include CFP®, APMA®, CRPC®
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