2016 WPRA Partnership Award

February 14, 2017
On behalf of the Wisconsin Park & Recreation Association and its Awards Committee, I would like to extend our sincere congratulations to the Friends of the Manitowoc Aquatic Center Board Inc. for being selected for the prestigious 2016 WPRA Partnership Award. This is a great accomplishment and certainly very deserving, and recognizes the tremendous support by an organization toward enhancing park and recreation services in their community. 
Partnership Award
The Friends of the Manitowoc Family Aquatic Center Board Inc was formed in 2003 in an attempt to rekindle the need to continue the long history of having an aquatic facility after it was announced that the “old pool” would be closing.  This group spent 7 years researching and fundraising, despite considerable controversy to bring their vision to fruition in 2010 with the opening of the Manitowoc Family Aquatic Center.  The group has raised over $2.7 million which was matched by the city to design and construct today’s aquatic facility.  Since then, The Friends of the Manitowoc Family Aquatic Center Board Inc have added numerous upgrades and improvements to this facility, including a mini golf course attached to the center for an approximate cost of $350,000 and without the use or support of city funding to enhance the aquatic center amenities.  The group continues to remain active and is committed to enhancing this much utilized family center well into the future.
Denise Larson, Recreation, Senior Center & Zoo Manager
(920) 686-3060