Manitowoc Public Utilities Launches LED Light Bulb Rebate Program

March 07, 2017

Manitowoc, WI (March 6, 2017) – Manitowoc Public Utilities (MPU) announced today that it will again be offering an LED Light Bulb Rebate Program in 2017, which will run from March 1 - December 31, 2017. The 2016 MPU LED Rebate program was very popular with our customers, and we have made changes to the program this year to make it even easier for customers to participate by allowing each account/household to obtain up to a $20 rebate without a limit to the number of LED bulbs purchased or the price of the LED bulbs.


LED (light emitting diode) light bulbs are very energy efficient using approximately 1/10 the energy and lasting up to 25 times longer than equivalent incandescent light bulbs.  Everyone benefits by installing energy efficient LED light bulbs as less electricity needs to be generated, thus preserving natural resources and the environment, and customers use less energy which results in lower monthly utility bills.           


Highlights of the MPU Residential LED Light Bulb Rebate program are:


  • Must be a residential customer of MPU to participate;
  • Up to $20 rebate per account/household;
  • No limit to the number of LED bulbs purchased or the price of the LED bulbs;
  • Rebate will be issued as a credit on your utility bill;
  • A Rebate form will be included in the March 2017 billing statement of each MPU customer;
  • The original sales receipt and UPC code from the box must be submitted with the rebate form;
  • Rebate forms are also available at the MPU office or online at under the Conservation, Incentives and Programs menu.


Please refer to the rebate form for additional information regarding the MPU LED Light Bulb Rebate Program or contact MPU at (920) 683-4600 with any questions you may have about the program.



Dean Matzke, Conservation and Efficiency Coordinator, (920) 686-4392