Roncalli High School announces National Honor Society inductees

February 03, 2021
MANITOWOC, Wis. — Roncalli High School, part of Roncalli Catholic Schools recently inducted students into the National Honor Society. National Honor Society requirements are a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and two semesters at Roncalli High School. The following students, all juniors, except for the two students noted as seniors, were inducted:

Logan Arnold                                                  
Brendan Bettag                                                          
Allison Bohman                                                          
Carter Erb                                                                  
William Falconer                                            
Zalaire Fellows                                                           
Molly Finnel                                                   
Ryan Fischer                                                   
Kaitlyn Freis                                                   
Jena Garceau                                                 
Isabelle Haase                                                
Vincent Harrison                                                                                                        
Emjay Hilliker                                                 
Emma Holson                                                 
Ethan Isselmann                                                         
Ryan Jacoby
John Kost
Maya Lusk (senior)
Eden Maternoski
Lydia Maternoski
Riley Mihalakakos
Gregory Oberbroeckling
Madelyn Paczkowski

Gabrielle Pasterski (senior)
Luke Pautz
Madilyn Rathsack
Erin Schermetzler
Reece Stangel
Sherahan Tahiri
Noah Verhasselt
Zachary Winga
Joseph Witczak
A video from the ceremony may be viewed on Roncalli Catholic Schools’ YouTube channel at the following URL: