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Spirit of the Rivers Ground Breaking

June 18, 2018

Spirit of the Rivers Ground Breaking
The Spirit of the Rivers monument is about to become a reality.  A Ground-breaking ceremony recently took place on the lake shore between Manitowoc and Two Rivers at 4815 Memorial Drive to mark the beginning of excavation for the much-anticipated monument.  The 10-foot-tall bronze statues of three American Indians portaging a 20-foot-long birch bark canoe is expected to become a significant local attraction.   Internationally-recognized artist, R.T. Wallen conceived of and sculpted the striking trio of Native Americans.  The monument recognizes the first people who lived here and in the Upper Great Lakes hundreds of years ago before Europeans set foot in the area. 
The statues are expected to return to the lake shore sometime in July with dedication to take place on Sunday, September 16th at 2:00.  Those interested in supporting the project with the purchase of engraved paving bricks and also have them in place by the dedication day should do so by July 10th.   A Paving Brick Donation Form can be downloaded from the website at spiritoftherivers.org.
Organizers participating in the ground-breaking ceremony were: First Row: Manitowoc Mayor Justin Nickels, Carole Witt Starck, Carol Wergin, Lynn Wallen, Artist, R. T. Wallen, Judy Goodchild and Two Rivers City Manager Greg Buckley. Second Row:  Larry Corrado, Paul Steinbrecher, Tom Van Horn, Kerry Trask, Joe Metzen and Steve Hamann  
Judy Corrado, Friends of Mariners Trail Committee